google party
A Google TM party is a costume party where the attendees dress up like people that they've located while "googling" their own name.


Go to and search for instances of your full name using quotation marks to keep the correct order: "John Doe". You're looking for webpages that mention or talk about a different person with the same name as you.

If searching for the full name doesn't work, try using variations or nicknames like: "Jon Doe", "Johnny Doe", "Jonathan Doe"

If you still can't find a match, start getting creative; try reversing the names, especially if you're one of those people blessed with having two-first-names: "William James", "James William"

Other suggestions for the desperate: add, subtract or reverse letters ("Jhon Doh"), try combinations that include your middle name, try out nicknames or other names you may have wished you had ("Cooter Doe"), try just using initials ("J. Doe") ... You might also try other genders of your name: "Jane Doe"

As a last resort, just try single names: "John" or "Doe".

After searching for a bit, find an alter-ego that seems most interesting and try to figure out how this person might dress. Always check first to see if you can find any pictures of the person -- perhaps you can emulate some facial or bodily features... If no pictures are to be found, then use the content on the site to figure out what type of person you're dealing with -- businessman, athelete, porn star, frat boy, cheerleader, church elder, etc. Especially keep your eyes peeled for clues that might indicate a time period or location, especially if your source is a news article, historical document or obituary.

Finally, dress to impress at your next Google TM party and live it up as your alter-ego.